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 Essay on wk five Indoor smog


In house Air Pollution

Brittney Scarborough

SCI/ 275

February 6, 2015

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In house Air Pollution

Resources: Chapter nineteen of Environmental Science and the EPA web site, " Summary of Air Quality”. Retrieved by,

Complete the following chart:



Overall health effects

Can be Your Risk Level Suitable?


Lasting Replacements, once appropriate


Natural rot of uranium found in almost all soils.

Radon leaks into homes through surfaces, floors, and water.

Lung cancer

Appropriate, because the risk of indoor pollution of radon is low Seal fractures

Build vent out system.

Not applicable


Molds produce small spores to reproduce. Mold spores break through indoor and outdoor surroundings continually. When mold spores land on a humid surface they grow and digesting whatever they are developing on to be able to survive. Nasal stuffiness

Eye diseases

Skin soreness,


Difficulty breathing.

Obstructive lung disease

Mold disease in lung area

Acceptable, the sole mold that is certainly found in your house, tends to be the toilet, that i clean alternate day Control surroundings moisture

Dry out water ruined areas within just 24 hours to prevent mold expansion Fix leaky plumbing

Not really applicable


Colorless, burnable gas in room heat. Found in resins used in production of amalgamated wood products, building elements, insulation, glu, paints, conventional paper products, fertilizer, pesticides, and preservatives found in some prescription drugs, cosmetics, cigarettes, fuel burning appliances, and so forth It is a side product of burning and other organic processes. Epidermis irritation

Eye diseases

Nose soreness

Throat discomfort

High degrees of exposure trigger many types of cancer

Acceptable, I actually do not work with many of the products that contain formaldehyde. I really only use makeup products Emission requirements for composite resin wood goods

softwood hdf

Composites of wood dietary fiber

Composites of polypropylene thermoplastics


Lead is a all-natural element present in small amounts inside the earth's brown crust area. It can be present in the air, drinking water, soil, and in homes. Direct exposure is from your use of precious fuel (leaded gasoline), and lead primarily based paint In Children:

Learning/ behavior problems

Slowed expansion

Hearing problems

Low blood count


Increased blood pressure

Lower kidney function

Reproductive challenges (men and female)

Appropriate, because there is more use of lead free products. The fresh paint that has been used to update my personal work and home are safe. Inspect/ maintain all colored surfaces

Stop paint damage

Keep residence dust free of charge

Clean dirt from screens

Lead cost-free products







A mineral dietary fiber that occurs in rock and soil. It can be found in construction materials (roofing, shingles, tiles, etc), scrubbing products (clutch, brake, and transmission parts), heat resistant textile, packaging, gaskets and coatings. Lung cancer



Acceptable for the reason that newer properties have to be examined and checked Many uses have been suspended

Extensive legislation controlling recognition, removal, and disposal Environmental Asbestos Alternatives

Polyurethane foams

Four injectables

Cellulose fibers

Thermoset plastic material flour

Unstable silica fabrics


Substance or blend that helps prevent, destroys, and repels any kind of pest. Are available in bug sprays, rodent toxin, disinfectants, sanitizers, weed killers, and some pool area chemicals. Depends upon type of pesticide

Affect stressed system

Epidermis irritation

Eye diseases

Affect endocrine system in body

Satisfactory, only use a little, which can be during the summer to keep mosquitoes away. We all use, utilized coffee argument to eliminate ants and little insects Reduced risk pesticide program

Seal tiny cracks

Shop food items in air small containers

Retail store fruit/vegetable in refrigerator

Decrease use of substance pesticides

All-natural pest...

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