Typography and Profession Exploration Newspaper

 Typography and Career Pursuit Paper

п»їCareer Exploration Conventional paper

Choose a Employment opportunity

Based on The Personality & Interests

Employing your DWYA Report, select several careers that interest both you and that you would like to learn more about. Enter in these several career choices in discussion content, and notify why you selected these people. 1 . _Stock broker_______________________________

installment payments on your _Medical Ass___________________________

3. _My Own Boss______________________________

After critiquing these three or more, select person to conduct more research about. (see rubric on subsequent page) Please use some of the resources under to finish your Career Study.

Career Resources

Occupational Prospect Handbook:

America's Career Infonet:

The Sloan Career Foundation Center: O-Net:

Resources for College Premier

What Can I Do With This Major? What Can I Do With a Major in…? College Majors and Career Information:

More Resources for deciding on a career based upon personality & interests:

Job Exploration Daily news Guidelines

DUE: В­В­В­В­______

Choose one profession to research that is based on the personality and interests. Work with at least three sources and list them at the conclusion of your newspaper on a separate sheet. Address each section below in a separate slide or passage: 1 . What career performed you choose to analysis...

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