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Residence » Report » Job Report Upon Performance Evaluation of BRAC Bank Limited part 4

Project Statement On Overall performance Appraisal of BRAC Bank Limited portion 4

Published by zdhnsu on Sep 7th, 2010 // a few Comments

Very Supply Bank loan

Super Source Loan can be described as loan facility for Suppliers of various large retailers, promoting companies, companies and several corporate properties. This product's main target is to support various Suppliers to meet all their financial requirements. Eligibility

• Entrepreneur having 2 (two) year's knowledge in the same line of business • Operating the current business for last 1 (one) 12 months Loan Limit

• Via minimum BDT 4 lac up to more BDT 40 lac


• Composite death of both equally Overdraft and Revolving limit • Customer can take away revolving financial loan amount since desired • Convenient repayment system of Revolving limit my spouse and i. e. the same monthly installation and single installment four. 4. Foreign Trade and Treasury Division

BRAC Bank's Foreign Trade and Treasury Division are well equipped with modern telecommunication infrastructure facilities just like: SWIFT, Reuters, Bloomberg, Internet, Voice Recorder, etc . Treasury manages the Bank's liquidity as well as its associated risk. It also deals with foreign exchange deal related risk exposure within a profitable fashion.

Chapter a few: Performance Analysis

To evaluate the performance of BRAC lender Limited this parameters are considered in the next section of the paper. 1 . Asset

installment payments on your Deposit

several. Investment

4. Operating Income

5. Capital Adequacy

6. Loans & Advance

7. Non-funded Profits

8. Income per Employee

9. Functioning Cost every Employee

12. Cost to Income Rate

11. Functioning Cost as being a Percentage of Loans and Advances

doze. Fund Management

13. Making Per Discuss (EPS)

16. Return about Asset (ROA)

15. Return on Investment (ROI)

sixteen. Market Price every Share

The general performance of BRAC Bank Ltd. is usually appraised inside the following section by assessing its efficiency in the comparable fields. 5. 1 . Advantage

Asset possessing of BRAC Bank Limited has gone up substantially in the recent years specifically from 06\ to 3 years ago. Among their assets the loans and advances has become increased a whole lot which was 19, 557 , 000, 000 taka 5 years ago and 32, 461 , 000, 000 taka in 2007. Total asset situation of the financial institution in last few years is given listed below. |Year |Total Asset |% Change | |2003 |4, 542 | | |2004 |10, 016 |120. 52% | |2005 |16, 876 |68. 49% | |2006 |30, 012 |77. 84% | |2007 |46, 383 |54. 54%

From the graph over we observe the asset worth of the lender is growing sharply but this can be increasing by a lessening rate. 5. 2 . First deposit

In BRAC Bank consumer deposit is likewise growing years to years. The following table defends this kind of statement. |Year |Taka (million) |% Transform | |2003 |3, 497 | | |2004 |8, 169 |133. 60% | |2005 |13, 409 |64. 14% | |2006 |23, 002 |71. 54% | |2007 |37, 368 |62. 46%

Deposit blend the bank stands at the followings:

Currently the Bank's deposits, generally comprises of fixed deposits. Since, almost 84% of total deposits are in the form of fixed and financial savings while just 15% are in the form of current deposits. your five. 3. Expense

The Bank's investment, during the year 2007, were made mostly in government investments which was standing at Tk. 4, 997 million as on 12 ,...

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