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 Interpersonal Interaction: American Splendor Research Paper

American Splendor 1

Heather Waltman American Beauty

COM200: Interpersonal Conversation

Mary Ann Witt

March 26, 2012

American Magnificence 2 American Beauty

The movie American Magnificence is a video of a small teenage young lady who is caught between her parents who do not get in touch with one another. Carolyn is so engrossed into her real estate business and does not have much regarding her spouse Lester. Lester and Carolyn had a very good relationship after they first got married and Lester does not really know what changed. Lester gets introduced to his little girl's friend Angela. He is fascinated with Angela and imagines himself with her carrying out sexual points. If the better half would not be so caught up with her real estate organization, I think that she would have had a better romance with her husband and daughter. Because the husband and wife would not have very good communication abilities, the family was torn apart because they did not really talk. Marriage helps would have helped them both. Lester and Carolyn have been hitched for fourteen years and so they knew that something was wrong. I really believe that because the two of all of them could not go along that she should have split up a long time ago. Conflict between the a pair of them finished up costing his life as they thought that his daughter's friend would fix everything and it came to be that she did not.

That stuff seriously maybe if the parents can have counseling for marriage and would hang out with each other instead of Carolyn spending more time with her a job. I feel that to ensure a family to be able to work you need to spend time jointly and do points as a relatives in order for a family group to work. American Splendor...

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