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Course Description

This program is an introduction to the various components of the corrections system within the felony justice program. It provides a review of modifications, including corrections history, the persons, companies, and companies that take care of convicted offenders. Other matters that are protected include plan and procedure, sentencing, devoir, and rehabilitations of prisoners.


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Discussion Questions

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Training course Materials

Foster, B. (2006). Corrections: The basic principles. Upper Saddle River, NJ-NEW JERSEY: Pearson/Prentice Area.

All electronic digital materials are available on the pupil website.

|Week One: Background Development of Modifications | | |Details |Due |Points | |Objectives |Identify the forms of punishment generally used in societies throughout the 1700's. | | | | |Compare and contrast prisons during along with World War II. | | | | |Examine the penitentiary ideal. | | | | |Examine the approach toward separate prisons for girls and juveniles. | | | | |Compare both the contrasting types of American Prisons. | | | | |Describe the rise and fall of labor in prison. | | | |Readings |Read this week's Read Myself First. | | | | |Read Ch. 1–3 of Corrections: The Fundamentals. | | | | |Read this week's Electronic Hold Readings. | | | | |Read the following paperwork on the scholar website: | | | | |...

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