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Costume 4 Fewer Clothing Store Project

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MGMT404 Project Managing



Scope Statement2

Goal Definition2

Keys to Success2


Project Objective3

Project Deliverables3


Technical Requirements4

Restrictions and Exclusions5

Reporting Composition of Staff Members5

Decision Making & Matter Level Matrix5

Project Firm Chart6

Function Breakdown Structure7


Risk Analysis7

Risk Assessment8

Marketplace Analysis8

Industry Analysis Summary8

Marketing Segementation9

Communication Plan10

Stakeholder List10

Communication Prepare Matrix11

Systems, Access Methods & Regularity of Communication12

Method for Modernizing the Communication Plan12

Existing Systems13

Escalation Process13




Target Definition:

The goal is to open an attire 4 Less Clothing Retail outlet that not simply has wonderful prices, but also has great trends of fashion and offers a genial customer service because customer satisfactions is the concern and have normal sales among $100, 000-1, 000, 1000 per year. Desired goals that address the quest:

5. The major focus of this task is to concentrate on the achievement and revenue that the organization will make. 5. Provide a friendly customer satisfaction so the customers will feel welcome whenever they shop in our shops.

Important factors to Achievement:

To succeed in this kind of business we have to:

2. Create a exclusive, friendly, cozy place for all that comes and retailers with us. * Control costs at all times, in all of the areas and implement a conservative method of growth insurance plan. Although, we offer more than enough finance to open multiple outlet, we all still have to be sure we are on the safe side of the organization. * Sell the clothing that are of the finest quality, as well as keeping the customers satisfied with our rates. * Provide 100% satisfaction to our clients and retaining the level of excellent services amongst other opponents. * Obtain access to high-traffic departmental stores


Building expansion which includes plans, enables, labor and materials -- $1, four hundred, 000 Store interior which include labor, screen materials, design, A/V system, and security alarm - $900, 000 Total Project Cost: $2, 500, 000

Project timeframe projected to be 10 a few months.

Project Target:

‘The objective is to establish a new clothes store. The new store will be called " Dress 4 Less”; will be on a 5, 000 square foot located at 215 North Opportunity, DeVry City, DeVry, 90000. The project is to start on Wednesday, March 1, 2011 and definitely will complete simply no later than Monday, January 2, 2012. This retail outlet is being designed to take advantage of the most current building supplies and unique codes and will make use of emerging technology to minimize strength consumption. To achieve success over the long-term and generate revenue to get turning a net revenue and maintenance a conventional bank loan obligation, the owners established the following desired goals: * Keep a Major Margin of 65%

2. Maintain a Net-Profit from Sales of 5% yearly

* Keep a Cost of Goods of less than 36% intended for clothes

* Maintain an expense of Labor of less than 25% of revenue

2. Maintain a Sales & Marketing spending budget of 1. 9%

Project Deliverables:

This is a Fixed-Price Deal

Contractor dedication estimate is definitely U. H. $2, two hundred and fifty, 000

Upon completion, the modern property includes the following because described inside the detailed speci? cations and blueprint: 5. Landscaping

5. Main Building—2, 500 sq . ft.

2. A two, 500 sq . ft., you bathroom, break room, and 5 shower rooms, finished store. * Product quality: Not only superb clothing for the family members but also great customer support and prices.


Completion of the project has to be accomplished by January 2, 2012. Progress milestones associated with the project are because...

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