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Fitness4Life, Incorporation., is a expanding company that gives fitness features, trainers, and fitness well being programs intended for corporations. It is in its second year of business and currently providing Houston-area businesses, helping those to become more productive, while reducing their total costs with innovative well being programs and strategies. Fitness4Life is providing consumers with a medical cost managing program for workers that will increase employee output and decrease total business costs. Preventable illness makes up roughly 80% in the burden of health issues and 90% of all healthcare costs. (Wellness Proposals, 2006) Fitness4Life thinks that healthy employees are more productive than chronically ill employees, and it are cheaper to prevent injuries or health issues than to treat them when they occur. For Fitness4Life we tie worker productivity right to the health attention issue. We feel that classic approaches to the current health care turmoil are misdirected. These classic efforts are a strategy that we refer to as reactive, that may be, they delay until after the member of staff has been stricken with health issues or personal injury, and then spend on the necessary remedies. Our procedure, which stresses prevention and good health advertising, is much more aggressive. By aiding employees alter their habit patterns and choose much healthier lifestyles, Fitness4Life will reduced companies' medical expenditures, although raising employee productivity. Actually research today suggests employers get typically $3. forty eight back in reduced health care costs and $5. 82 in lower absenteeism cost for each dollar invested in employee well being. (Wellness Plans, 2006) Medical care expenditures will certainly decrease due to reduced medical insurance premiums, lowered absenteeism, reduced turnover prices, reduced worker's compensation says, reduced tardiness, shorter clinic stays, etc . The state of America's health care catastrophe, coupled with current demographic adjustments, threaten not to only accentuate the catastrophe, but even more erode staff member productivity too. Fitness4Life can design custom-made solutions for each company along with each employee within the organization. Fitness4Life will provide their item and service in a way that can be convenient to get the company and the employee mainly because we believe if this isn't easy our buyers will not get the results they require. These environmental factors along with the local competitive situation transmission a favorable prospect in this marketplace. We go through the time is correct for Fitness4Life. II. ENVIRONMETNAL ANALYSIS

Formerly founded being a fitness center, Fitness4Life, Inc., is actually reaching out to help businesses produce fitness wellbeing programs and internal exercise facilities that may provide chances for their personnel to live a healthier lifestyle. The payoff for your business is that healthier employees will mean increased productivity and a healthier office. Fitness4Life started in 2006, when ever Kimberly Landry developed the organization and through her a lot of the time commitment, switched it to a very effective operation. At the moment Fitness4Life services are located in the Houston, TX area and they will be looking to supply their corporate fitness wellness programs in a 50 mile vicinity around Houston. Soon, Kimberly Landry will look at expanding Fitness4Life into other locations of the country to increase its already fast developing business. A. THE PROMOTING ENVIROMENT

1 ) Competitive Forces. The competition inside the fitness industry is very good on regional and regional basis, yet somewhat poor nationally. Sales figures for the industry as a whole were difficult to obtain since very little business is conducted on the national size.

Fitness4Life is entering their second year of business. The company model have been well received and marketing is especially important to maintain growth and industry penetration. In addition to providing...

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