п»їGREEN ARCHITECTURE: A help for the Philippines' change towards modernization

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Elisha Ruth V. Regondola


Sir Moi Villanueva, Instructor

03 22, 2013


With this twentieth 100 years, every decision that we generate greatly impacts our surroundings whether it is advantageous or not. Relative to this, our country has decided to take the route towards modernization. This modify had triggered various advancements in different factors in the society such as commercialization. Consequently, quick progress due to modernization had affected not only the organic balance in our nature although also the way of living. Therefore, to stop these kinds of problems in getting worse, careful and specific decisions must be made and taken in action.

. Green architecture is one of the solutions in resolving the disadvantages with the advancements that we are going through. It is revised way of building infrastructures that will not cause any unwanted side effects to the environment as well as to the folks in the society. Green building involves adjustments in the traditional way of structure which as well meets the high-quality regular of a building that will be built in our common way of living. Because of the fast-pacing development of our country towards modernization, the introduction of the Green Architecture Activity is beneficial for the Philippines for its environment-friendly way, energy-efficient complexes and lasting building models.

Down sides of Modernization

In our modern era, the huge benefits of modernization had been apparent in your Philippines. Institution of commercial buildings gave way for the country to enter the international market. Various other improvements contain discoveries in neuro-scientific medicine, function of transport and some valuable devices. These advancements are useful in raising the economy with the country to develop a more efficient way of living to get the people. In line with this modernization, the world is actually facing a great immense problem such as polluting of the environment, global warming and scarcity of energy sources which usually restrains its capability of sustaining life and ecological equilibrium (Gottfried et al. 4)

Pollution is known as a widespread a significant the world mainly on urban areas where industrial infrastructures and majority of the citizenry are most likely available. It may take the proper execution of virtually any chemical substances which in turn causes harmful results in the environment. Due to this, the natural beauty of the environment has become continuously devastated, thus, unsettling the unified relationship between organisms. In respect to Casayuran, " the World Health Business reported that Heaabout 1 . 3 million deaths annually worldwide result from urban outdoor pollution which is expected to intensify with increasing industrial activity” (Casayuran). As a result, levels of lead in the air in Manila are usually more than 3 times the proven safety limit, and concentrations of hanging particulate matter are also precariously high. On the other hand, air toxins was discovered to be the the majority of hazardous form of pollution. The Philippine Exhausts Inventory discovered the specific members to pollution and have estimated the following: deadly carbon monoxide (39%), nitrogen oxide (35%), sulfur oxide and particulate matter (8%), total organic gases (7%) and unstable organic chemical substances (2%) (Arcenas 13).

The emission of greenhouse gases not only causes pollution although also results to the phenomenon known as around the world which is the rise in the Earth's average temperature since the start of the Industrial Wave. Accumulation with the greenhouse fumes in the ambiance damages the ozone level which helps to protect us from the harmful radiation coming from the sunshine. Some of the adverse effects of global increased temperatures are increase in sea levels and changes in rainfall, plants, wind and also other health risks. From your recent research of the...

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