Briefly Explains the Difference Between Storage Area Sites (Sans) and Network Fastened Storage (Nas) System?

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 Essay about Briefly Identifies the Difference Between Storage Area Systems Sans and Network Fastened Storage Nas System?

Briefly identifies the difference among Storage Area Systems (SANs) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) system? Utility area Networks (SANs)| Network Attached Storage (NAS) system| A SAN can be described as dedicated network that provides usage of various types of storage devices including type libraries, optic juke boxes and disk arrays. | Network Attached storage program are network appliances that contain one or more hard disk drives that can be distributed to multiple heterogeneous computers. | A SAN is a neighborhood network of multiple equipment that work on disk blocks. | A NAS is known as a single storage device that work on data files| A SAN commonly utilizesВ Fibre ChannelВ interconnects. В | A EM typically makesВ EthernetВ andВ TCP/IPconnections.

Identify and briefly identify each of TCP/IP'S five layer?

The basic structure of communication systems is represented by theВ Transmission Control Protocol/Internet ProtocolВ (TCP/IP) style. This model can be structured in five layers. An end system, an more advanced network node, or every single communicating consumer or plan is equipped with equipment to run any some parts of these levels, depending on where system runs. These five layers, are as follows: App layer

Web host to number or transportation layer

Inside layer

Network access part

Physical part

Physical part:

The physical layer protects the physical interface among a data tranny device and a tranny medium or perhaps network. This layer focused on specifying the functions of the transmission medium the nature of the indicators the data level and related matters.

Application coating

TheВ Aplication layer, establishes how a specific user software should use a network. Between such applications are theВ Simple Mail Transfer ProtocolВ (SMTP), В File Transfer ProtocolВ (FTP), and theВ World Wide WebВ (WWW).

Host to host or perhaps transport level


TheВ Transport layer, is just over a network level and handles the details of data transmission. Layer 4 is implemented in the end-points but not in network routers and acts as an interface process between a communicating host and a network. Subsequently, this coating provides reasonable communication between processes working on distinct hosts.

Network access layer:

TheВ Network layerВ specifies the networking factors. This part handles just how that addresses are given to bouts and the way that bouts are supposed to always be forwarded in one end point to another. В

Internal part

This interior protocol(IP) is used in this level to provide the routing features across multiple networks. The function with the internal part is to allow procedure to take in order intended for data navigate of multiple interconnected sites to take place. This kind of protocol is implemented in both the end system and routers.

Contrast the major attributes of WANs with those of LANs & MANs?

WANs| LANs| Guys

Its is large Area Networks| It is Local Area Netwoks | It is Metropolitan Area Networks| It consist of a number of connected with each other switching modes| Lan is a communication networks that connected with each other a variety of devices and provides a means for information exchange between those devices. | This occupies a middle ground between LANs and WANs. | | |

How various quantization levels are had to represent each of the following pieces of signs characters or perhaps states?

a) The uppercase abece A, B……Z

8*26 sama dengan 208 parts

b) The digits zero, 1……. on the lookout for

8*10 sama dengan 80 parts

c) 256 different colors

8*256 = 2048

d) 10000 Ryan characters

8*10000 = 80000

e) Several billion computers

8* four billion = 32 billion

Commonly, medical digital radiology ultrasound studies consist of regarding 25 photos extracted from a full-motion ultrasound assessment. Each image consists of 512 by 512 pixels, each with 8 bits of intensity information. a. How various bits are available in the twenty-five images?

25 Images

1 Graphic = 512*512 pixels

1 nullement = almost eight bits...

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