Hannaford Bros. Cyber Secureness Lessons Discovered

 Hannaford Bros. Cyber Security Lessons Discovered Essay


Virtually every business today uses at least one type of computer technology. Business firms use pcs to handle and assist in managing many methods from operations, product sales, finance, and logistics. Inside databases and intranets bring internal regulates and businesses are connected via the internet to conduct sales, marketing and many other communications and transactions. Electronic digital business, or e-business, is usually dominating modern day markets as well as the business world. This new world of technological innovation has tremendously increased performance and globalized the world's economies. Sadly criminals continue to exist and still exploit businesses, committing functions of theft, vandalism, and terror. Elektronische geschaftsabwicklung is not really immune to criminal mischief and in fact can be quite susceptible to sophisticated cyber criminals called hackers. At the begining of 2008 it absolutely was reported that the North East Supermarket mogul, Hannaford Bros. Company fell victim to a computer cracking attack that compromised around 4. two million buyer credit cards. This act a new financial headache for thousands of consumers as well as for the Hannaford Bros. food company. The incident was a black tag on Hannaford's public picture and a financial burden to their corporation. Web Security is actually a growing top priority of this business management. Boon, Kurtz (2011) Hannaford Bros. Company.

Hannaford Bros. is a great upscale American grocery price tag chain based in Scarborough, Maine. Hannaford was founded in 1883 and now runs supermarkets throughout Fresh England and upstate New York. Hannaford is usually owned by the American subsidiary of the Belgian Delhaize Group, Delhaize America, the parent company of Food Lion which operates over one particular, 500 retailers on the East Coast, mostly in the Northeast States. The Hannaford Bro. Website (2011), The Delhaize Group web page (2011) Hannaford Bros. conducts a comprehensive site for their grocery store chain. The Hannaford web page found at: offers buyers a wide range of buying and meals related planning activities. Hannaford does not give their grocery store products for delivery on their website; rather they make all of their grocery store and chemist products designed for customers to search and purchase for pick-up. Customers can easily traverse categorized product lists with eye catching visual cues. Products can be places on a virtual shopping list the fact that customer may use in the store or perhaps purchase online to be picked up at their nearest local store. Coupons and sales discount promotions are also readily available and simple to find online. Hannaford also gives customer's options and assistance to get planning several types of parties and organizing searching lists. The primary services given by the website moreover to across the internet browsing and ordering of groceries includes pharmacy pharmaceutical drug refills, buying gift cards, particular orders, and Redbox video rentals. Rather than promoting wide scale on-line shopping and delivery like other supermarkets and on-line retailers, Hannaford uses their website to pull people to their particular stores and make the searching experience much easier and more attractive. The Hannaford Bro. Internet site (2011) Hannaford Bros. displays numerous lines of communication on their website. All their contact information is located thorough a " contact us” tab on the home page. The Hannaford Corporate workplace address and several 1-800 customer service phone numbers are listed. Additionally, there are several online feedback varieties for customers to offer Hannaford reviews and ask queries about their services and products. Hannaford boasts the tips and expertise of nutritional expert for client questions and concerns. The Hannaford Bro. Website (2011) The Hannaford Bros. website is designed and maintained with meticulous fine detail. Hannaford Bros. online marketing approach is simple; to provide customers a warm and inviting method to make their particular shopping encounter...

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