Field Theory by Kurt Levin

 Essay in Field Theory by Kurt Levin

Kurt Levin: Field Theory


Given birth to on: Sept 09, 90

Died on: February doze, 1947

His theory is likewise sometimes referred to as vector mindset. Principal features of Field Theory

1 ) Behavior is a function of the discipline that is out there at the time the behavior occurs. installment payments on your Analysis commences with the circumstance as a whole from which the element parts happen to be differentiated.

several. The concrete floor person in a concrete situation can be represented mathematically. Definition of Terms

1 ) Behavior

- is known as a function in the life space;

- W = f(L)

2 . Discipline

- The totality of coexisting specifics which are developed of as mutually interdependent. 3. Lifestyle space

-contains the totality of likely facts which have been capable of determining the behaviour of an specific. 4. Locomotion

-Movement that takes place when two locations are carefully connected, attainable to one another and mutually powerfulk;

- occurs when pressure with enough strength acts upon a person. your five. Needs

-Principal facts with the inner-personal place.

6. Permeability

- Level of resistance of a boundary.

7. Method

-Psychological strategies which tension becomes equalized.

8. Psychical energy

-Kind of energy that performs psychological work.

being unfaithful. Quasi-need

-Equivalent to a specific intention.

10. Tension

-A state with the person; point out of an inner-personal region in accordance with other inner-personal regions. 10. Valence

-A conceptual home of a place of the emotional environment. Structure of Character

-Life space


-Connections between Areas

- Quantity of Regions

-Person in the Environment

Life Space

d n

o to

n and

s p

s s i9000

E Elizabeth

y y

c c


h l

um o

l t

to o

g g

i we

c c

a a

l(P + Electronic = Existence space, L) l

> Entire of internal reality;

> Facts that exist in the region outside the house and adjacent to the border of the lifestyle space, known as the foreign hull of the existence space, may materially effect the internal environment;

> The boundary between the your life space and the outer globe is rendered with the home of permeability.

> Environmental information can effect the person (P = f(E);

> Personal facts may influence the planet (E sama dengan f(P).

> includes exactly what has to be noted in order to understand the concrete conduct of an specific human being in a given psychological environment by a given period. Differentiation












> Outer part represents the perceptual-motor region (P-M), the central part signifies the inner-personal region. > Cells adjacent to the perceptual-motor region these are known as peripheral skin cells (p); > Cells in the heart of the circle are called central cells, (c). Connections among Regions

> Two parts are linked when the specifics of one location are available to the information of an additional region; > Extent of influence or accessibility among regions:

1 . nearness-remoteness dimensions

> you can put regions close together when the impact of one upon the other is great;

> place them much apart when the influence is weak;

> Influence decreases as the quantity of intervening locations increases. installment payments on your firmness-weakness aspect

> Permeability of the boundary is represented by the width of the boundary line;

> Very thin line symbolizes a weak boundary;

> Very solid line presents an insobornable boundary.

3. fluidity-rigidity dimension

> Moderate of a area is their floor or perhaps surface quality;

> Liquid...

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