E Gorvernment a Veritable Tool intended for the Stepping Down Corruption in Nigeria

 E Gorvernment a Veritable Tool intended for the Resigning Corruption in Nigeria Essay





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The socio-economic and political backwardness of Nigeria as a region is being blamed by many on massive file corruption error going on with the corridors of power. This kind of ugly trend has extended unabated, mainly due to insufficient sufficient, exact and regular information to get the public. A normal Nigerian resident is hardly aware of the activities of the govt he is component to. The main focus with this paper is definitely on the application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in public places administration businesses of Nigerian government. This kind of paper is aimed at bridging the information gap that exists between your government and the public, which is competent of reducing corruption. During this analyze, causes of file corruption error were referred to as well since the benefits and challenges of E-government application.

Key words: E-government, Information and Communication Solutions, Corruption, Internet.


A few years ago, the widely used slogan inside the ICT society has been " the world has become a global village”. Going by remarkable milestone recorded inside the ICT universe today, anybody can rightly admit the world is a global small town. Most international locations of the world today use the internet as their major method to obtain information generation, collation, and dissemination. The rewards accruing through the application of this kind of technology is usually enormous and Nigeria cannot afford to be very. ICT provides continued for making waves considering that the advent of pcs in the 1950s. The increasing application of computers and other information technology (IT) related goods in nearly all facets of human life, has additionally contributed to the high regarding the ICT sector. ICTs involve the capture, finalizing of data as well as the dissemination in the resultant data using computer systems and its allied equipment and accessories to the masses. It really is worthy to make note of that regardless of this rapid progress in the ICT industry, several developing countries including Nigeria are however to achieve an appreciable degree of computerization inside their dealings. Opara (2007) stated " Nigeria has started yet is still groping for the formula that will enable her achieve the optimum in IT”. The information culture we reside in, relies a great deal on computers and indeed the internet to enable all of us gather and disseminate details more quickly and simply too. The information and suggestions embedded in information Technology environment are the search engines that travel the economy (Enyi, 2007). UNDP (2004) identified corruption because the improper use of community power, office or power for exclusive benefit through bribery, extortion, influence, peddling, nepotism, scam, speed cash or embezzlement. There is no gainsaying the effects of data corruption on Nigeria and Nigerians. E-government in its portion refers to " government's make use of ICT to work more effectively, share information and deliver better services to the open public (Sub- hash and Christine, 2003). This mode of governance is highly beneficial since it makes operations easier and restores general public confidence for the government. Various regimes of Nigerian govt have recognized corruption because the bane of Nigeria's economic growth and development, and have initiated policies and programs to curb it (Okeke, 1996). These efforts have usually failed because information and communication technologies have not received their correct place in slowing corruption. That produces this paper imperative since it highlights the linkage between ICT and Governance. Reasons behind Corruption in Nigeria

There are many factors which were identified as difficulties causes of problem in Nigeria. For the purpose of this paper, nevertheless ,...

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