Corey the Camel

 Corey the Camel Research Paper

Problem Affirmation

Corey the camel features 3, 1000 bananas. This individual has to offer the bananas you, 000 kilometers to the marketplace. For every mile Corey moves, he feeds on one clown. Corey can easily carry 1, 000 bananas at one time. In this problem Need to find out how various bananas Corey delivers towards the market. Procedure

For my personal process We used the utmost number of plums Corey can carry every trip, that have been 1, 000 bananas in three trips. The initially Trip I stopped in 250 mls and stashed 500 plums. Corey had 500 bananas on that trip as they walked to 250 mls and to zero which means Corey ate 500 bananas, leaving him at absolutely no bananas when he reached start. In the second trip Corey traveled with 1, 1000 bananas. This individual stopped by 250 a long way, and indexed 250 plums, which leaves him by 1, 000. He ongoing to travel two hundred fifty more miles making him reach 500 miles; at 500 miles Corey stashed 250 bananas. On this trip Corey dropped 750 bananas leaving him at two hundred fifity. On trip three, Corey picked up two hundred fifty bananas at 250 a long way, leaving him at one particular, 000 bananas because the banana he ate per mile was obtained when Corey picked up the 250 plums. Corey ongoing to 500 miles in which he picked up two hundred fifty bananas, two hundred fifty is the range of miles that Corey traveled, leaving him at you, 000 plums. Corey needed to travel five-hundred miles to succeed in the market. If he traveled five-hundred miles he lost five-hundred bananas going out of Corey with 500 bananas when he come to the market.


My solution is Corey arrived with 500 plums to the industry. I believe my own solution is proper because I actually split my personal points into factors of 1, 000 which is the destination of the marketplace.


In the event Corey the Camel acquired 4, 1000 bananas and had to deliver it to a market 2, 1000 miles apart, and ate a banana every mile and can only take 1, 500 bananas at a time, how a large number of bananas might Corey the Camel deliver? Evaluation

I discovered this problem as well difficult. This kind of POW helped me think a whole lot about how I had been going to obtain 3, 500 bananas to at least one, 000 a long way by only carrying one particular, 000...