Comparative Analysis of Death Rituals

 Comparative Examination of Death Rituals Article

Grief and Loss

July 19, 2005

Comparative Analysis of Loss of life Rituals

All prominent cultures and beliefs in the world spend specific rites and traditions to their respective societies and faiths. Rites are functions of social, spiritual and religious roots and apply not only to events for the living, but to ceremonies pertaining to the dead as well. This kind of paper is going to compare and contrast the rituals applied by my own Italian-American relatives with the rituals practiced simply by those of Muslim beliefs.

My family identifies highly with its Italian language roots and actively participates in the Roman-Catholic faith. Excellent large extended family, which in turn generally is usually involved in many family capabilities. This holds true when working with deaths in the family as well. It has been my personal experience thus far that deaths in my relatives have been expected, due to cancer or different long illness. This generally sets the stage intended for the expanded family to band collectively and offer help in a multitude of techniques. There is always anyone to run tasks, do duties around the house, help to make meals to get the relatives, and to just visit and give emotional support. The home is visited by family's priest, who prays, gives communion, and administers the Anointing of the Ill, a Catholic Sacrament that prepares an individual's soul to get death through forgiveness of sin and affirmation of religion. This likewise allows moment for the friends and family to prepare for the funeral Mass, and the blood pressure measurements and music it will contain. The support of extended family and clergy members permits death to happen in the home, in comfortable surroundings and with loved ones. Pursuing the death, the immediate family is generally inundated with offers of condolence and food in abundance. A conditional of people generally shows up to simply accept offerings and maintain things clean and running efficiently. They manage phone calls, record visitors plus the offerings of food they have brought, and keep the house organized. Italian family members traditionally have taken care of their own, supporting the extended family members, and this seems to be a extension of this tradition. It enables the immediate family time to mourn and plan for the services without having to worry about the everyday regular activities of cleaning house and planning foods.

The arrangements for memorial services are manufactured as soon as possible. The funeral residence is called and so they arrive to take the deceased and prepare their human body for looking at. Arrangements are manufactured for the body to be organized for one to 2 days at the memorial home. During this time period flower arrangements will be set up throughout the deceased and a table is available to get visitors to leave sympathy and Mass cards. Our family offers always set up boards with pictures and mementos nearby the casket. Anyone is welcome to include something that is meaningful to them which reflects all their relationship with the deceased. This can be a bittersweet ritual, reflecting on happier moments together but feeling these kinds of profound loss. The immediate relatives forms a receiving collection leading up to the casket for visitors to present their sympathies. The agreement of the series can vary, but usually the spouse is closest to the casket, and children follow according to age (oldest next to parent, most youthful at the end). Siblings with the deceased may also stand in the receiving series if area permits. Praying are said at the conclusion from the viewing several hours and another prayer assistance is organised immediately ahead of leaving the funeral home for the main Mass in the Church. At the conclusion on this prayer services, family members these are known as individually and they are given one last chance to see the available casket and say their good-byes. This could be an opportunity for the children and other loved ones to leave behind a special memento in the casket, for the deceased to consider with these people on their quest.

The funeral service Mass alone follows Roman-Catholic tradition. The casket is present at the ft . of the ara during a Requiem Mass, protected in a white colored pall,...

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