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The new administration must push quickly to increase sales and boost revenue. New handling director, Can Butler-Adams is involved that the slower production period is faltering to keep up with require and is harmful brand name. The organization is currently going through a administration and development change which is hoping to multiple output and market development. Although Trademark patents have got expired the primary design offers copyright safety. The dominant threat coming from low-wage Taiwanese competitors, and low priced bicycles could stop future growth. Prices are determined by the price of raw materials, manufacturer image plus the need to maintain profit margins. Retaining the highly trained staff and controlling the top quality of the merchandise sold is essential for retaining the brand image. The company's president, inventor Andrew Ritchie is concerned that top quality may be jeopardized. Brompton Bicycles are not interested the mass production with their bike. Goods are manufactured in their London manufacturing plant by well established and experienced staff. There is a handful of selling shops in the USA. However , they have no intention of increasing the number of outlets to keep the good brand graphic. The company must adopt a brand new overseas product sales strategy that will enable the company to fulfill exacting requirements. A new multimedia driven publicity drive should be implemented to create the product into a new customer base. A cost analysis for new benefactors for bike racing events needs to be evaluated that might raise the merchandise profile.

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