Brazil Inequality

 Brazil Inequality Essay



(*) Alfredo Lopes Neto is actually a Specialist in public areas Policies, and Advisor for the Vice-Governor of the Express of Ceará. E-mail: vicegov. [email protected] com. br E-mail: [email protected] com. br



LESSONS FROM BRAZIL'S REGIONAL CREATION POLICIES TABLE OF MATERIAL I. Advantages – Interpersonal and Regional Inequalities in Brazil 2. Introducing Brazil: A Country of Continental Measurements • • • Brazil One Brazil Two The Inequality Figures

III. The Historical Regionalization Process in Brazil IV. The Brazilian Government plus the Attempts to lower the Regional Inequalities • • • • • • • • • • • The Beginning The Administrative Reform, 1967 The Seventies: The Special Applications The Eighties: The Almost Lost Ten years Regional Advancement and the Metabolism Brazil: A Broad Experience in the Implementation of Tax Offers Systems The modern day Situation Influences of the B razil Commercial Opening The Part of the Direct External Purchases (DEI) Some Thoughts Regarding the DEI The Nineties Programs to get Attracting Assets The Brazil In Action Program The National Integration: Axes Identify Brazil's Scenarios intended for the XXI Century The Move Forward Brazil Program

Sixth is v. The Lessons from your Regional Expansion Policies in Brazil: The Northeast Location, a Study Circumstance • • • SUDENE's Role: The Comparativeness Age. The Assets Role This current Changes

NI Proposing Fresh Regional Guidelines for Brazil

• • • • • • • Modernization Areas Showing Stagnated Areas into the Regional Space New Regional Policies for Brazil: Great Targets to Be Come to A New Way to Deal with the Local Dimension Each Case is a Case... Primary Proposals A New Regional Advancement Proposal to get the Northeast The Partage Era offers Caused Mistakes 2

a few •

Proposals which Are staying Analyzed...


Table I –Comparative Data among the Brazilian Regions

Table 2 –Brazilian Imports By simply States and Regions from 1990 to 2000

Stand 3 – Brazilian Export products By Claims and Regions from 1990 to 2000

Table four –Intent Survey of Industrial Investments in Brazil From 1995 To 2000

Desks 5 and 6 – Foreign Purchases of Brazil: Consolidated By Place (1995)


Map 1 – The Locations and the States of the Federation Map a couple of – The 2 Brazils Map 3 – Integration Axes




ABDIB – Associação Brasileira para Infra-Estrutura e Indústrias avec mecanique (Brazilian Relationship of System and Base Industries) NYATA – Agência para o Desenvolvimento da Amazônia (Amazon Development Agency) ADENE – Agência para o Desenvolvimento do Noreste (Northeast Expansion Agency) ALCA – Área de livre Comércio dasjenige Américas (America's Free Transact Area-AFTA) BACEN – Bajo Central do Brasil (Central Traditional bank of Brazil) CHESF – Companhia Hidrelétrica do São Francisco (São Francisco Hydroelectric Company) CODEVASF – Companhia de Desenvolvimento do Comprobante do São Francisco (São Francisco Pit Development Company) CVSF – Comissão perform Vale do São Francisco (São Francisco Valley Authority) DNOCS – Departamento Internacional de Obras Contra because Secas (0) EUA – Estados Unidos da América (United Says of America – USA) FINAM – Fundo sobre Desenvolvimento weil Amazônia (Amazon Development Fund) FINOR – Fundo sobre Desenvolvimento perform Nordeste (Northeast Development Fund) FNA – Fundo Constitucional do Septentrion (Constitutional Account of the North) FNDR – Fundo Nacional de Desenvolvimento Regional (Regional Development Nationwide Fund) FNE – Fundo Constitucional perform Nordeste (Constitutional Fund with the Northeast) FNO – Fundo Constitucional do Centro-Oeste (Constitutional Fund from the Center West) IAA – Instituto sobre Açúcar at the Álcool (Sugar and Alcohol Institute) IBGE – Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia electronic Estatística (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) IDH – Índice de Desenvolvimento Humano (Human Development Index –HDI) IOCS – Inspectoria de Obras contra since Secas (Inspectorship...

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