Chemistry Study Yr 11

 Chemistry Research Year 10 Essay

Hormone balance

The chemical substance earth dot point you:

Homogeneous mixture: Consistent composition through, A material or materials that contains merely one kind of substance or one element can be defined as homogeneous. Electronic. g. glucose, petrol. Heterogeneous mixture: possessing a non – uniform composition

Element: a pure element, which may not be decomposed in simpler substances Compound: a pure compound, which can be decomposed into less complicated substances, for example into components. E. g. table salt (sodium chloride), alcohol (ethanol) and glucose (sucrose). Parting of solids of different sizes: separated simply by sieving Separating solids and liquids: separated by purification, the the liquid or remedy that goes through the filtration paper is named the filtrate. Sedimentation may be the process through which solids reconcile to the underlying part of a textbox. Decantation is a process of cautiously pouring from the liquid and leaving the solid undisturbed at the bottom from the container. Distillation: the process in which a solution or mixture of liquids is hard boiled with the fumes formed getting condensed back to a liquid in a different part of the apparatus and so segregated from the combination.

Separation method| Property found in the parting

Sieving | Particle size

Evaporation| Water has a reduced boiling stage than the solid| Distillation| Huge difference in cooking food points

Fractional distillation| Significant nevertheless small big difference in cooking food point| Adding a solvent, then filtration| One material is sencillo in the chosen solvent, even though the others will be insoluble| Filtration| One element is a solid, the other a liquid or solution| Using a separating funnel| Components are immiscible liquids

Homes used to recognize pure chemicals:

* Colour

* Physical state by room heat

* Melting and cooking points

2. Density

Gravimetric analysis:

= Identifying the amounts (masses) of substances present in a sample

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