Business Communication short question and answer, Chapter -1

Business Communication in English 

 Short question and answer

Chapter -1

(Introduction to Communication)


1. What is communication? (Mgt-14,15,17,19, Acc-14,19, Fin-15,18)


Ans: communication is the process of exchanging information, news, ideas, feelings, messages etc. between two or more persons.


(কপিরাইট এর আওতাধীন হতে পারে)


2. What do you mean by business communication? (Mgt-13,16,18 Acc-13,18, Fin-15,18)


Ans: Business communication is the process of exchanging business related information, news, ideas, messages etc. between two or more business persons/ parties.



3. Where is the word “Communication” come from?


Ans: Latin word “Communies”.


(কপিরাইট এর আওতাধীন হতে পারে)


4. What is feedback? (Mgt-15,18, Acc-15,16,18)


Ans: Feedback is the process of reaction or response of receiver to the sender.


(কপিরাইট এর আওতাধীন হতে পারে)


5. What is communication process/ system? (Mgt-13,18, Acc-13,17)


Ans: Communication process is the combination of some sequential and interrelated parts through which information is exchange between sender and receiver.


(কপিরাইট এর আওতাধীন হতে পারে)


6. What is communication model? (Mgt-14,17, Acc-14,19)


Ans: communication model is a diagrammatical presentation of various sequential parts of communication process as a whole.


(কপিরাইট এর আওতাধীন হতে পারে)


7. What is decoding? (Mgt-16, 18, Acc-16,18, Fin-16)


Ans: Decoding means converting or translating received message into a meaningful thoughts by the sender.


(কপিরাইট এর আওতাধীন হতে পারে)


8. What is Encoding? (Acc-15, Fin-15,17,19)


Ans: Encoding means converting or translating information into a perceivable message by the centre.


(কপিরাইট এর আওতাধীন হতে পারে)


9. What is two-way communication? (Mgt-16, Acc-12,18)


Ans: When information exchange  between two or more parties of two directions (sender and receiver) is called two-way communication.


(কপিরাইট এর আওতাধীন হতে পারে)


10. What is one-way communication?



Ans: When information flows in one direction (from sender to receiver) is called one-way communication.


(কপিরাইট এর আওতাধীন হতে পারে)


11. What is effective communication? (Fin-18)


Ans: Effective communication involves the most accurate and proper way of sending and receiving of information, news, ideas etc. in which both parties mutually understand and response.


(কপিরাইট এর আওতাধীন হতে পারে)


12. What is communication barrier?


Ans: The factors that impede effective flows of information in the process of communication is called communication barrier.


(কপিরাইট এর আওতাধীন হতে পারে)


13. How many phases are there in communication process? (Acc-15)


Ans: There are eight (8) phases in communication process.  Such as- a) Developing idea; b) Encoding; c) Selecting media;  d) Transmitting message; e) Receiving message;  f) Decoding; g) Response and h) Feedback.


(কপিরাইট এর আওতাধীন হতে পারে)


14. What is poor feedback?


Ans: If the feedback of a communication process is not clear to the message sender it is called poor feedback.


(কপিরাইট এর আওতাধীন হতে পারে)


15. What is message in communication? (Acc-18)


Ans: In a communication process message refers to facts, ideas, opinions or information that are transmitted to the receiver by the sender.


(কপিরাইট এর আওতাধীন হতে পারে)


16. Mention the important elements of business communication? (Nu-12)


Ans: a) Sender;  b) Message;  c) Receiver and d) Feedback.


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