Business Communication Suggestions, Hons 2nd year exam 2021

Business Communication Suggestions

BBA ( Hons) 2nd Year Exam 2021


Management Department 

Part- B

1. Discuss the objectives/purposes/importance of  communication/business communication.


2. Narrate the communication process with line picture.


3. Mention the features of office memo.


4. Why feedback is necessary for the completion of effective communication process.


(কপিরাইট এর আওতাধীন হতে পারে)


5. What are the difference between oral communication and written communication.


6. Discuss the importance of two way communication.


7. Mention the considering factors in preparing a good business letter.


8. Describe the essential features of market report.


9. Describe the 7C’s of business communication.


10. Describe the importance advantages/ benefits/objectives/merits of a circular letter.


11. Discuss the media of audio non-verbal communication.


(কপিরাইট এর আওতাধীন হতে পারে)


12. Show that differences between upward and downward communication.


13. What are the components of a formal report.


14. State the difference between formal report and informal report.


15. Write down the difference between formal and informal communication.


16. ‘Communication is the life blood of an organisation’ Explain.


17. State the characteristics of internal communication.


18. What factors should be considered while drafting a resume?


(কপিরাইট এর আওতাধীন হতে পারে)


19. What are the possible causes of poor feedback?


20. Briefly discuss the qualities/ characteristics of effective/good communication/describe the features of communication.


21. Describe the advantages of multimedia.


22. Briefly discuss the merits of horizontal communication.


23. Compare between agenda and minutes.


24. What is meant by effective communication?


(কপিরাইট এর আওতাধীন হতে)


25. Discuss the advantages of video conferencing.


27. Why internal communication is important?


28. How to make a upward communication effective?


29. How can informal communication  spread rumour and distorted information quickly?


30. State the advantages of office memo.



1. What is communication? Discuss the role of communication in management/How can communication increase the efficiency of Management/Is management is possible without communication? Describe the principles of communication. Discuss the advantages/importance of technology in business communication.


2. What is meant by written communication? Mention the situation in where written communication is more effective/under what circumstances written communication is more effective? Write advantages and disadvantages of written communication.


3. What do you mean by upward communication? Discuss the merits/advantages/importance/objectives and demerits/disadvantage/barriers of upward communication.


(কপিরাইট এর আওতাধীন হতে পারে)


4. What is meant by interpersonal communication? Show the differences between interpersonal and intrapersonal communication.


5. What is report? Discuss the essential elements of market report. Draft a weekly market report on the jute market of narayanganj/Draft a weekly market report on Dhaka stock exchange/draft a daily or weekly market report on the vegetable market Karwanbazaar/Shambazar.


6. What is meant by complaint letter? Mention the factors to be considered in drafting a good complaint letter. Draft a complaint to a supplier for supplying defective goods/delaying of supplying goods.


7. What is an appointment letter? What is job application? In the ‘Daily Star’ 17th August 2019 ‘X’ Insurance company limited invites application for the post of probationary officer. Write an application addressing the HRM department.


(কপিরাইট এর আওতাধীন হতে পারে)


8. What is non verbal communication?  Distinguish between verbal communication and nonverbal communication. Discuss the types of non verbal communication. Discuss the various types of body language.


9. What do you mean by communication process? Discuss the elements of communication process. Show difference between communication model and communication process. Discuss the limitation of communication model.


10. What do you mean by Mass Communication? Discuss the characteristics of mass communication. Discuss the different types of mass communication. Why mass communication is important in business?


11. What is Downward communication? Discuss the objectives/importance/benefits/merits and demerits/limitation of downward communication. State the various media of downward communication.


12. What is face to face communication? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of face to face communication.


(কপিরাইট এর আওতাধীন হতে পারে)


13. What are the media of visual communication? Discuss the prequisites of a visual presentation.


14. What is meant by enquiry letter? What is an order letter? what are the factors should be considered in drafting an order letter? Assume that you are a librarian of govt ABC college, Dhaka. You want to buy some books from X publications, Bangla Bazar, Dhaka. Write an order letter to the manager of X publications.


15. Discuss an interview process. State the guidelines for an interviewee.


(কপিরাইট এর আওতাধীন হতে পারে)


16. What do you mean by small group? Discuss the rules of member in a group.


17. Discuss the importance of electronic media in business communication. What are the major devices of electronic communication?


Note: খ বিভাগের প্রশ্ন গ বিভাগে অথবা গ বিভাগের প্রশ্ন খ বিভাগে আসতে পারে।

বিঃদ্রঃ নিজের সাজেশন নিজে করাই উত্তম। আমার সাজেশন ১০০% কমনের নিশ্চয়তা নেই।

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